GoldOz Limited is committed to the leadership role it holds as a junior mining resource company, and will always strive to engage in operational conduct and communication that is ethical, professional and respectful. It believes that by adhering to this principle, it delivers positive benefits for all participants and stakeholders, and that it supports the aspirations and goals of the communities with whom we partner. 



The Company accepts that good environmental stewardship is fundamental to responsible business practice.  It recognises too that it is important to demonstrate this acceptance of responsibility to the communities in the region we operate.  This is instrumental in building trust.


The Company commits to environmental stewardship across the whole life of our operations, and will work to actively manage and minimise any impacts. Maintaining healthy air and water quality is paramount to this obligation. We recognise the importance of sound environmental practice and outcomes, and support the fact that there are highly regulated controls in place being monitored by all levels of government to ensure compliance.



The Company currently operates within regional Queensland, and although reasonably isolated it shares its zone of operations with several identified communities.  

Whilst some of these are small and localised, the Company accepts their vibrancy and importance. As such, it recognises the responsibility and opportunity that exists to work with these communities to build trust in our operations, and to continually strengthen our social license to operate in the region on an ongoing basis.



As an ASX-listed Company it adheres to the Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations (3rd Edition) as issued by the ASX Corporate Governance Council, and intends that its principles and processes will be followed.


Accordingly, the Board of Directors will provide the strategic guidance to the Company to bring effective oversight to management. Further, it will provide a sound base for a culture of good corporate governance within the Company.


The Company will formalise the policies necessary for dealing with a wide range of corporate governance issues – as it is required to do – and it is its intention that these will be adopted and implemented by the Board on an ongoing basis as operations develop.